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Alpha Whey Gold Chocolate Brownie | 4 lb

Alpha Whey Gold Chocolate Brownie | 4 lb

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  • BUILD MUSCLE, STAY HEALTHY – Build lean muscle, increase metabolism, and burn fat with the ultimate way to achieve your daily protein requirements.

  • EASY TO DIGEST – Get fit the right way with the best clean protein designed to be fully absorbed into your body instead of wasting nutrients on the way out.

  • CHOCOLATE BROWNIE – Take fitness and flavor to the extreme, and boost your standards for health food. This powdered lifestyle supplement tastes like a cheat day but may actually help with weight loss.

  • TAKE ANY TIME – Enjoy this tasty powder any time, whether as AM enhancement or to reduce carb and sugar cravings. The essential amino acids boost recovery time and muscle protein synthesis as well.

  • SCIENCE BASED, ATHLETE DRIVEN – Enjoy clean, flavorful protein that is smooth and easy to mix into milk or water of your choice. Are you ready for a tasty product that helps build muscle and accelerate fat loss?

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