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Chain'd Out Berry-Banana | 60 Servings

Chain'd Out Berry-Banana | 60 Servings

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Let’s set the record straight. What sets ALRI’s Chain’d Out apart from other BCAA products on the market is exactly this:

Chain’d Out’s Alpha-Hydroxy ester-protected BCAA’s greatly avoid the normal BCAA conversion to blood sugar…it’s called “gluconeogenesis” — even when dieting or during cardio. In addition, ALRI’s Alpha-Hydroxy technology supports a much longer half-life of the all-important nutrients found in Chain’d Out’s BCAAs (resulting in more lean muscle & better recovery times). By avoiding the normal conversion of BCAAs to glucose your body gets 47-60% more of Chain’d Out BCAAs when compared to regular BCAAs. Translation: More muscle, quicker recovery. Use less, get more! So, does Chain’d Out convert to sugar? We know the Alpha-Hydroxy ester-protected BCAA’s greatly avoids this conversation, as proven in this CLINICAL STUDY comparing Chain’d Out to another leading BCAA brand; however we want YOU to make that decision. Don’t trust marketing, trust yourself. Take a blood glucose test before and after like in the study and see for yourself how Chain’d Out will positively affect your blood glucose! Who Would Benefit From Chain’d Out? Any individual who wants to support enhanced energy levels, stamina, focus and mood. Strength, Performance and Endurance Athletes Looking to Support:

- Maintaining and/or increasing their lean mass, with NO consideration of their BCAA supplement converting to sugar, as Chain’d Out is Alpha-Hydroxy ester-protected to AVOID “gluconeogenesis”.

- Faster & dramatically increased recovery.

- Optimal vasodilation.

- Positive endogenous hormone modulation, including testosterone.

- Enhanced oxygenation and nutrient utilization.

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