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Chewy N’ Crunchy Stix | ChewzMe - 6 oz Bag 170g

Chewy N’ Crunchy Stix | ChewzMe - 6 oz Bag 170g

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  • Crunchy and chewy - ChewzMe Chewy N’ Crunchy Stix are fruit snacks that double your fun. A chewy string with sour crunchy pieces all over it. What an amazing candy variety pack.

  • Sweet and sour gummies - These sour straws take rope candy to a whole new level. The tangy taste and the mix of textures are a total mood. This is your chance to rope’ em in!

  • Epic flavor - Try this belt candy in Radical Blue Raspberry, Wicked Watermelon, or Swaggy Strawberry. Amazing combo for a candy box or as part of a candy gift basket.

  • Chewy candy to go - This pack of gummy candy is just perfect. Grab one, two, or three and throw them inside a lunch bag, backpack, or purse to take them with you wherever you go.

  • The coolest candy in town! Made out of pure cane sugar with NO high fructose corn syrup our sour straw candy sticks will take over your tongue like an epic flavor storm. Forecast? Deliciousness ahead!

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