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Corner Guards

Corner Guards Real Strong Adhesive | 12 pcs

Corner Guards Real Strong Adhesive | 12 pcs

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  • ✅ UPDATE 2019 STRONG STICKINESS: Strong and durable custom made glue. (Not the cheap false 3M tape with blue/red 3M words on the tape back paper). Our furniture corner protectors are guaranteed to cover nearly 98% area of the inner wall thanks to gel-like adhesives customized with special mold. As long as you keep the furniture surface clean and flat, the corner guards won’t drop until you detach it by heat.

  • ✅ FIRST AND FOREMOST COMPLETELY SAFE FOR YOUR CHILDREN: Although our baby proofing corner guards is made of plastic, it’s the Medical Grade PVC, which is usually used in medical industry. The material of these furniture corner protectors meet extremely high requirements for medical equipments such as drug delivery devices, surgical tools. Hence even when your babies bite it, there is no health risk at all! Child safety is ensured.

  • ✅ QUICK INSTALLATION: In less than 2 minutes, your children are protected from potential risks and your home is secured. We provided our customers with simple guide on how to install corner guards baby proof clear protectors. All you need is to remove the covering and stick on. Done! Your corner covers for furniture is successfully applied!

  • ✅ CLEAN, CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT: Not until you touch the covered corner that you realize that the plastic furniture protectors are there. You may have felt worried they would make your coffee table, bed, chair… looks ugly. But why do you keep that feeling now while the cushions are nearly invisible from a not-too-close distance? Furniture corner protectors clears is the ultimate solution for protection and furniture beauty.

  • ✅ HIGHT DURABILITY AND DOUBLE PROTECTION: Try pressing it, hit it, scratch it or let your kids bit it. We’re not telling you to destroy the baby proofing corner guards because it’s not that simple and our plastic cushions is not that fragile. Until the cushions remains, both of your stuffs and your kids are protected from any harms thanks to corner covers baby safety function. We’d love to call it DOUBLE-PROTECTION.

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